Recruitment for all types of businesses

Choose the price that fits your business needs

For small business
1 year subscription.
Post jobs directly on your own website.
Receive,  view and sort applicants.
Log in from any device.
As many users as you want.
Microsoft Azure cloud hosting from additonal 40 DKK per. month.
1 year of limited support.
You keep the software.
One-time payment.
All the features from the recommend package+
Full career page and culture page.
Custom functionality and flow can be added and requested.
You chose your own hosting, we guide you.
1 year of Premium support.
You keep the software.
You keep the software.

All our products comes with full implementation to your website by one of our developers.

Unsure which plan is best for you? You can call our team any day at +60 17 204 8149