Pintu Recruiter Features

Simplifying your recruitment flow

You simply post your job directly to your website

You want your job post to get the maximum reach to candidates. Why not post your jobs on your own website? You simply add your job description and click post and will immediately be online for candidates to discover your fantastic opportunity and for them to apply directly on your own website.

Post Directly

Follow the status of your applicant

What stage is your applicant in? When you have a long list of candidates you easily lose track of theirs. You update your candidate’s status and track the stages of them through Pintu Recruiter.

Follow Status

Collect your thoughts on a candidate in one place, and share it with your colleagues

Easily add new information and extra documents to a specific candidate. It’s to invite your team in for collaboration as well. Add a comment for your team members to view as well and start a talk about the specific candidate.

Collaborative Hiring

You want to assign certain user on a particular job

Easily add user or delete user from the particular job.

Time should be spent on the right candidates. We understand that.

As a hiring manager communicating with the potential candidates and applicants is key to upholding the company image. However, it is also a reoccurring task. With functionality as “marking” can you send both invitations and rejections to multiple people at one go. We also help to help you with a branded career site in our Premium package.

Manage Candidates

We customize the job to fit your company profile

KopenhagenCoffee got their career section on the front page.

We customize our job to work with technology your website is built on. Wordpress, Bootstrap, Wix or something custom? Our developers make sure it looks good and integrate fully on your site.

Check out how we implemented kopenhagencoffee's recruitment site here.

Kopenhagen Coffee

A fully branded career page.

Do you want to market your company culture and attract more talent. We are ready to assist you creating a fully branded career page as a part of our Premium package.

Check out Pintu's own career site here.

Fully Branded